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James - Roxanne St. Claire
"I just loved this book! It was a fun, quick read and the characters are awesome!

James Brannigan is the oldest of seven brothers. When James' mom died when he was 12, he helped his father raise the other six boys. In reality, his father withdrew into his work and James was left to take care of his brothers. Now as an adult, James puts all of his time and energy into his work. When James' father passed away from cancer, without telling any of the sons that he even had it, he left each son a part of his legacy. Through each gift, each son finds something he didn't even realize they were looking for.

James was left a tiny winery in Positano, Italy and he had no clue why. He didn't really drink or take time to enjoy himself because he was always working. James decides he is going to check the place out and then probably sell it. He already has a standing offer from an American company looking to expand.

James arrives in Italy and is thrown for a loop starting with his ride to his hotel. Seems everyone knows everyone's business here! Then in walks Kyra Summers....a free spirit, little blonde thing, ray of sunshine that catches his attention. I just loved their first meeting! Too funny! When he realizes who Kyra actually is things get even better. When James meets the Sebastiani family that's when the real fun really begins! This huge group of people were so fun, especially Anamaria!

As James is trying to figure out why his father left him this winery, his feelings for Kyra begin to grow. He is for once relaxing and taking time out for himself and not thinking about work. As James is starting to find the answers to all his questions, he starts to understand why his dad sent him to the winery.

I just adored these two characters. James was a typical first born, always wanting to do the right thing. Kyra was such a breath of fresh air and she was almost always happy! Together they each found something that neither of them realized they were ever looking for. "