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Harmony and High Heels (The Fort Worth Wranglers) (Volume 2) - Tracy Wolff, Katie Graykowski
"Tracy Wolff and Katie Graykowski have such a fun, sexy time with this series. This second book is about Lyric's twin sister, Harmony Wright. While Harmony has always carried herself as the prim and proper southern daughter sister, she really is just a fun, wild child hiding her real self! Underneath her proper clothes are many tattoos that she keeps hidden from the public. All Harmony wishes for is that she could just be herself.

After winning the Cupcake Cage Match challenge in Las Vegas, Harmony is approached with having her own TV show, Badass Baker. While Harmony would love to be herself and take this position, she is not sure her mom would agree since her mother has no idea about Harmony's "real" lifestyle. Of course things do not go well with dear old mom so Harmony decides to take matters into her own hand and let the world see the real Harmony Wright. The problem is every time she tries, the public thinks it's Lyric! These situations were hysterical and laugh out loud funny....but it also brings Harmony to meeting Dalton Mane.

Dalton Mane is the general manager for the Wrangler's football team and gives the impression of being proper and serious...but what people don't know is that he had a wild past....so he can fully understand Harmony's desire to be her real self. These two brought out such a great and fun side of each other. I loved these two together...so full of spunk!

The path these two go on to be truly themselves was wonderful! I really enjoyed Harmony and Dalton. Great fun story!"