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Barefoot at Midnight - Roxanne St. Claire
"Wow! I wasn't expecting Lawson Monroe's story to be so emotional. When we met him in the other Barefoot Bay Timeless books, Law was always the laid back, here for a good time guy. I never expected there to be such an emotional man lurking behind that facade.

Law had a rough childhood. Losing his mom young hadn't helped. Then when Law lost his brother, Beckett, his dad turned to drinking and took all his pain out on Law, causing Law to drink too much also. In order to escape his father, Law spent much of his time at the Toasted Pelican with a man named Jake, who owned the place. Jake became like a father to Law and eventually helped him get sober and even go to culinary school. Law owes Jake everything and he really is his best friend, even if he's almost twice Law's age.

When Law is summoned to a hospital after Jake has had a stroke, he feels like his world is falling apart. Jake tries telling Law that he wants him to have the Toasted Pelican and that he needs to find the will! After cleaning out Jake's things, Law cannot find a will. He also finds out that someone else is running the Toasted Pelican but he cannot find out who the owner is. Imagine his surprise when he finds Libby Chesterfield working the at the bar. Law also had a crush on Libby and ruined his chances when they were in high school. Now in their 40's he is attracted to her even more!

As Law and Libby spend more time together, Law realizes that Libby is the hidden party that is claiming ownership to the Toasted Pelican. After the two of them lay all of their cards on the table, they both decide to try and find out the real story behind who owns the bar.

I really loved the time Law and Libby spent together. They both had some demons from their past that was hurting their future. Their chemistry was great. I really liked how their sexy times together was so authentic for people in their 40's! I also really enjoyed the suspenseful part of finding out the real answers they both were looking for. What a great surprising twist! Never saw that one coming!

Overall, I really enjoyed both of these characters and their story. I just LOVED Libby's daughter, Jasmine. She was a hoot! Their final happy ending was great for the two of them too!

I'm so glad we will be getting three more books from these Silver Foxes! Love it!"