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To Love and to Cherish (Wedding Belles) - Lauren Layne
"I'm kind of sad that the Wedding Belles' series is ending. I just adored this series. We finally get to find out what is Alexis Morgan's story and it doesn't disappoint.

Alexis Morgan has known most of her life that she wanted to run a high-end bridal service company. To most people Alexis is always in control with EVERYTHING in her life. Little do they know that isn't the case. 10 years ago, an unfortunate event caused Alexis to move to New York to try to start up her company. Not wanting to borrow the money from her dad, Alexis was determined to do this on her own. Two years later Alexis meets Logan Harris in a bar and things instantly click. Alexis is barely making ends meet, but Logan is intrigued by her. After inviting her to sit with him he orders them dinner and they discuss her plans for her business. Logan, having just inherited some money from a great aunt states he wants to invent in her dream. He will be a silent partner but he believes in her. Alexis turns him down but he tells her to call him if she changes her mind. Of course, Alexis changes her mind and a partnership is formed.

Eight years later Logan longs for Alexis to see him as more than her accountant. He has been in love with her since he first laid eyes on her. He doesn't realize that Alexis does have feelings for him but is afraid to act on them with a chance that she could forever lose him.

After Alexis hears from her sister that her sister is pregnant and planing to get married in two weeks, Alexis' world crumbles. Logan realizes something is up with Alexis but she won't discuss anything. Just as Logan decides he is tired of waiting for Alexis to notice him and he is going to make his move, his father calls wanting him to move back to England to take over the family business. Logan knows the only thing from holding him back from going to London is Alexis. Now he really needs to step up his game.

I loved these two characters. Once you realize what happened in Alexis' past, you understand why she is like she is. I really liked Logan, tall, dark and British! I loved how when he finally decided to make his move, he went all in. I just wasn't sure why it took him 8 years to actually do that!

Alexis and Logan's time down in Florida was fun. I loved how Logan was able to get Alexis to relax and not always be in such control. Logan brought out a fun, flirty side of Alexis.

I really enjoyed how all of the Wedding Belles played into Alexis's story, even the guys! Overall this was a great end to such a wonderful series. I hope someday Lauren Layne comes back and gives us Jessie's story as well as Maya and Grant's complete story!"