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A Raven's Heart - K. C. Bateman
"I just adored To Steal a Heart and couldn't wait to read this book. A Raven's Heart is William de l'Isle, Viscount Ravenwood's story, or "Raven" to his friends. Raven has been attracted to Heloise Hampden for most of his life. She is his best friends' little sister....so it's totally hands-off! Little does he know that Heloise has always been attracted to him too! After 6 years of imprisonment, Raven had a very bleak look on life and risked his life every day as a spy.

It's England, 1816 and Raven has been summoned by his boss to protect Heloise since both of her brothers are out of town working on other things. Heloise uses her brains to decipher the secret codes of the French armies for the English and word has it that she may be a target of the French. Raven is not happy with this new assignment because he is not sure he will be able to keep his hands off of her for long. The two of them have sort of a love/hate relationship. Heloise tends to be sassy and speaks her mind, earning her the nickname, Hell-cat. Raven tends to be brash and constantly try to throw Heloise off her game. Together these two are explosive. So much chemistry and passion exists whenever these two are around each other.

When Raven has to travel to Spain, he decides to "take" Heloise with him to keep her safe. I just adored this adventure they went on. The two of them brought out better qualities in each other. I love how stubborn Heloise could be and how Raven handled it. It just made their chemistry that much greater! The sexual tension between these two was awesome! Heloise wanted nothing more than be with Raven. Raven because of things from his past felt he wasn't worthy of someone as sweet and pure as Heloise. The ride these two went on was perfect. It was great seeing this sweet, sassy tart tame this fearless spy. I just loved their happy ending. It was perfect for these two.