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Going Down Fast - Carly Phillips
"All of Lucas Monroe's life he has wanted Maxie Sullivan. When Maxie marries his older brother, Keith, Lucas knows it's hands off. Maxie has always loved Lucas but after some news she has heard about him, she realizes her chances with him are gone. Keith pushes Maxie hard to go out with him, and she finally caves in.

Now, Maxie is unhappily married to Keith, very pregnant and living in the same building as Lucas. When Maxie starts to bleed heavily, she can't get a hold of Keith and the first person she goes to is Lucas. Lucas rushes Maxie to the hospital where she does lose the baby. When Keith finally does show up, obviously after being with another woman, he's pissed that Lucas is there.

Fast forward nine months later....Keith has been killed in a car accident and Maxie is suddenly on her own. When many things about Keith come to light, Maxie finds herself without a place to live. Lucas gladly offers for her to stay with him. There is obvious chemistry between these two....and it has always been there. I really loved Lucas. He is just a super nice guy. Maxie has been living a life dictated by Keith and she just wants to live her own life now. Love how strong and independent she is trying to be.

As Lucas and Maxie spend more time together, MANY revelations are made and these two finally get together. Of course this makes Lucas' parents very unhappy. Keith was the golden child and his parents favorite.

When Keith's past comes back to haunt Maxie, Lucas will do everything in his power to help her. This suspenseful part of the story was interesting. It was fun how they were trying to find everything out.

I really enjoyed the dramatic ending! It was a great twist. And of course Maxie and Lucas' happy ending was perfect!"