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Take Me Deeper: A Texas Bounty Novel - Jackie Ashenden
"Zane Redmond may be great at being a Green Beret, but having to be part of the Redmond family isn't all that it's cracked up to be. While being on a mission, his good-for-nothing father passes away. Now that Zane's duty is over, he decides to head back home to Austin, TX to see his two older brothers, Quinn and Rush, whom are still running their father's bounty hunter business, Lone Star Bounty. While Quinn may be mad that Zane didn't make it home for the funeral, he's still glad his baby brother is home. Quinn would like Zane home for good and to work for the family business but Zane wants to head back to the army asap. Quinn convinces Zane to take on one job while he is home. It should be easy...pick up a skip who is wanted to testify against some drug dealers in order to not go to jail. What Zane doesn't realize is that this skip is a red-hot brunette with a smart mouth, a body made for sin, and a brutal cartel on her trail.

Enter Iris Callahan. While Zane is instantly attracted to her, he just wants to get her back to Lone Star and head back to the Army. Zane was in for a surprise when Iris tries to outsmart him. I loved the character of Iris. She was a feisty, little thing who was determined to do right by her little sister, Jamie. After some interesting moments, Zane realizes that Iris is in danger and decides he needs to protect her. Based on events from Zane's past, he HAS to protect her.

Zane surprisingly has help from his brothers and another bounty hunter business....now can he just trust these people willing to help? While trying to protect Iris, Zane starts having feelings for her. He realizes the mess she is in and wants to help her. Part of this help is taking her mind off of everything and boy does he! The chemistry these two had together was wonderful. It was hot, raw and down right sexy! As Zane and Iris start to fall for each other, they both realizes that their pasts are very similar. These two have to go through an action packed story to finally get to their happy ending, but it was worth the wait. I can't wait to read Quinn and Rush's stories too!"