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Sweetest Taboo (Stark International) - J. Kenner
"This book is the third and last part of this series. The story picks up where Hottest Mess left off. Jane has been taken after she ran out of the house to get away from Dallas after finding out the latest bit of news he was keeping from her. Dallas of course realizes that she is missing and an all out search gets started. After quickly piecing some bits of information together, Dallas finally realizes who has taken Jane, and that person is actually The Woman who was part of their kidnapping.

Meanwhile, after Jane is beaten around a little, her captors finally release her and the guys find her. After Jane is finally released from the hospital, her and Dallas have a long talk. As much as Jane doesn't want to believe what Dallas is telling her, she ultimately does. The two of them decide they need to tell their parents everything that has happened, even stuff from 17 years ago. After hearing everything, Jane and her mom go for a walk to get some from air. While outside, all hell breaks loose and Jane is kidnapped again! This time Dallas is all guns to wall and plans to end this woman for good.

This story was so action packed, it kept you on edge needing to find out where the story was going. It was a sad and bittersweet climax, but their final happy ending was worth all of the sadness they had to first go through. Overall, this was a wonderful ending to such a fantastic series. "