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Rock Me Deep - Nora Flite
"Lola Cooper has spent most of her life in the shadows. She was the outcast...the child her parents never wanted....the result of her mother's affair. After slicing her wrists and surviving, Lola finds peace listening to the band Four and a Half Headstones and especially their lead singer, Drezden Halifax. The only person she can rely on is her brother, Seth Cooper, guitarist for Barbed Wire. When the two bands hook up for a tour, Lola is beyond excited to go...maybe she will even get to meet Drezden!

When Four and a Half Headstones' lead guitarist is kicked out of the band, Seth urges Lola to audition. Imagine Lola's surprise when she is the one picked to replace him! What Lola didn't count on was the power Drezden seemed to have over her emotional state. Knowing it would be wrong to be involved with any band member, Lola fights off Drezden's advances. When Drezden realizes Lola does actually like him, he does everything in his power to make Lola his.

I really liked Lola. She had had such a hard teenage life and still seemed so strong. I really loved the relationship she had with Seth. Drezden seemed like a decent guy but because of issues in his past, he had some anger management issues. The road these two had to take to get their happy ending was tough. By the end, you really felt for both of them and were glad they finally got their happy ending. Overall, this was a fun, enjoyable read. "