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My Fair Princess - Vanessa Kelly
"I just love a feisty heroine! Gillian Dryden has had a rough life. Gillian has always been an outcast because of being the bastard daughter of His Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland. Gillian's mother decides to leave England for Sicily, Italy so that her daughter won't be exposed to so much ridicule. After Gillian's stepfather is murder she decides to avenge his death because she believes it was her fault. After getting herself shot and almost killed, Gillian's mom and grandmother decide it's time to go back to England. Gillian's grandmother enlists the help of Charles Penley, Sixth Duke of Leverton and a distant relative to teach Gillian how to behave as a proper English lady. Charles is the straight and narrow, always does the right thing type of guy and Gillian is the opposite! After Charles reluctantly agrees to help, he meets Gillian and is immediately sorry he agreed. Gillian has a a sassy attitude with a sassy mouth to match it! As the two of them spend more and more time together, they start to realize that first impressions are not always correct.

The situations that Gillian gets herself into were hilarious. Her first ball was priceless! This story was filled with a lot of humor and longing between these two. They complimented each other so perfectly and you couldn't help but want these two to be together. They both had issues from their pasts that got in the way of them just giving in to their feelings. Once they finally did, all the pieces finally fell into place!

Overall, this was a great story with such wonderful characters. The story line that they had to go through to finally get their happy ending was funny and action packed. This was a great start to a new series. "