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For Better or Worse (Wedding Belles Book 2) - Lauren Layne
"I loved the first book so much I thought there was no way this series could get better but it did! I could not put this book down! The characters, the story line, everything about this book was wonderful.

Heather Fowler has always wanted to be a wedding planner, in New York City, since the days of her mom's revolving door with men. Having just moved into a great apartment, Heather knows she is this close to being promoted from an assistant to an actual wedding planner. Imagine her surprise when one of the wealthiest socialites wants Heather to plan her wedding after seeing another weddings she has done. Being excited and up to the task, Heather didn't plan on the bride being completely hands off when it came to her own wedding or that her new, loud, next door neighbor would keep her up late on Friday nights playing his music.

Josh Tanner may appear to be a partying type of guy, but after having just beat cancer, he left his job as a hedge fund manager on Wall Street to live a life careless and free, including starting his own rock band. Lately, even the band doesn't seem to hold his interest any more....at least until he meets his new neighbor, Heather....now that's something interesting!

The first meeting between Heather and Josh was so funny I couldn't stop laughing. I will always think of these two when I see banana bread! :) Of course there is instant attraction between the two and Josh is all for pursuing a friends with benefits relationship, but Heather needs to concentrate on the big wedding she is planning. Little by little Josh breaks through Heather's walls and he ends up actually helping her plan the wedding because....ta da...he used to date the bride!

The story these two go through while planning the wedding was perfect! It brought together two people who were both NOT looking for a real relationship and slowly put them in one without either of them really realizing it. Once the two of the gave into their feelings....BOOM!

I enjoyed both of their back stories...it helped understand why each of them are like they are. Their happy ending was just magical. This story made me laugh, swoon and cry....all the great things needed for a great story. I highly recommend this book. It's not often that book #2 is even better than book #1! "