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Sugar Rush - Sawyer Bennett

This is the second book in the Sugar Bowl series and picks up right where the first one left off.

Beck has just kicked Sela out of his apartment for betraying him. As she is being forced to leave she let's Beck know what JT did her all those years ago. He initial reaction was very surprising! Not what I would have expected. After everything starts to sink in, Beck realizes that he needs to discuss the issue in more detail with Sela, but of course he can't find her. Eventually finding Sela at her dads, Beck and Sela have a long heart to heart and start to realize many things. Together, they are determined to bring justice to what happened to Sela and to also make sure JT gets what he deserves!

I loved the plan these two came up with. To have such money to be able to make that happen. I wasn't thrilled with what Sela did at the end of this book though....I can't believe she actually went there!

Of course this ends on another cliff hanger...this one even bigger! I am really enjoying this series....it really is keeping my attention.