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To Have and to Hold: A Returning Home Novel - Serena Bell
Hunter Cross is a widowed dad, still in the Army with an 11 year old daughter, Clara.  In the few months before Hunter's next leave, he falls for Trina Levine, the mom of his daughter's best friend, Phoebe.  Just before he leaves, he declares his love for Trina and has her and her daughter move into his house to watch Clara for the year he will be gone.

Fast forward almost one year later, Hunter is involved in an accident that leaves his mind not remembering things, especially his time with Trina.  It was so emotional what these two went through after Hunter's return.  He was frustrated because of his memory lapse, and she was frustrated because he didn't remember his feelings for her.  Boy..this story was sure an emotional one.  I cannot even imagine what Trina Levine went through.  It was fun watching him have to deal with an almost teenage daughter (having 3 daughters it brought back some fun and not so fun memories).  I just adored Hunter's mom....she is a hoot!  All our favorite guys from the previous books in this series make a quick visit.  Overall, this was an enjoyable, emotional read.