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Going Down Easy (Billionaire Bad Boys) (Volume 1) - Carly Phillips
Wow...normally I like to take my time reading a Carly Phillips book to enjoy the story longer, but I just couldn't put this book down....it was that good!

Lexie Parker has been having to take care of her twin, Kendall for most of their life. Kendall is bi-polar. This wouldn't be so bad, but their mother also suffers from deep depression so Lexie's parents are no help. Lexie has put her life on hold because of Kendall. After losing her last job because of time spent away with Kendall, Lexie's dad gets her a job at Blink being the personal assistant to Kaden Barnes, one of the owners, and a general pain-in-the-butt, demanding man. Lexie is used to having to deal with demanding people because of Kendall and walks into the job taking over control. OMG, their first meeting was priceless! Lexie comes to realize that there are reasons why Kaden acts the way he does and she can deal with that, but she's having a harder time dealing with attraction to her new boss. As the two spend time together, their sexual chemistry is ready to explode! I just adored Lexi. She was a no-nonsense, straight shooter who gives as good as she gets and I just loved that! I also loved Kaden and how flawed he really was because of events from his past. These two characters really were made for each other. The entire story from their relationship, their families and work was wonderful. This story has a great twist that I didn't fully see coming. Awesome start to new a series and I can't wait for Lucas' story!