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Lady Patience's Christmas Kitten - Ava Stone

I just adored Lady Patience, whom is a triplet along with her sisters Grace and Hope.  Patience has a new kitten, Ashes, who is causing allergic reactions to her pregnant sister-in-law.  Her brother wants the cat gone and Patience is heartbroken.  Just as they are arguing a summons come from the Duke of Danby that he wants the girls, his great nieces and their mother to come to his castle for the Christmas holiday.  What they don't realize is that the Duke has plans to find perfect suitors for the girls.  I really enjoyed the Duke also.  He was a little gruff, but underneath he really seemed just like a teddy bear.

Due to certain circumstances, the local town doctor, Matt Campion, needs to be of service at the castle.  I really liked Matt too.  He seemed very sweet and smart and I really enjoyed him with Patience.  The entire story line that these two went through was fun, flirty and adventurous.  I really enjoyed this quick Christmas story from Ava Stone and would highly recommend it.