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Lady, It's Cold Outside - Deb Marlowe

I have never read Deb Marlowe before, but this novella was a sweet surprise.  It was strange reading a Christmas themed book in the middle of July, but it was enjoyable.

Glenna Bolton just lost her grandfather and their bookstore right before Christmas.  Now she is traveling to the Duke of Danby's house....a distant cousin....and a new place to live.  While on her travels, they come to a place where the bridge is washed out and everyone must spend the night at the local inn.  Glenna meets a young boy named Dowd and takes him under her wing and the two of them try to bring Christmas cheer to everyone at the inn.  Glenna also meets a handsome soldier, Alex Ellesworth, who has just become a Baron, but the estate he inherited is in bad condition.  After some mishaps at the inn, Glenna, Alex and Dowd end up traveling together to get to the Duke's house.  Overall this was a sweet story with a fun Christmas theme.  I liked the characters and how they were both proud people.