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Bound Beneath His Pain - Stacey Kennedy
This new series by Stacey Kennedy is off to a fantastic start.  I really enjoyed her Club Sin series but she really kicked it up a notch with this one.

Allie Bennett may come from a family of money, but she chooses to not use her trust fund and instead works as a real estate agent to provide for herself, while not letting anyone know of her wealth.  When her company, Richardson's is bought out by Holt Enterprises she is not certain what this will mean to her career.  Allie arrives late to work, as usual, and finds out her and her assistant, Liv, are offered new positions at Holt and she is relived.  When her tardiness is called out by a smooth, silky voice behind her, Allie turns around to stare into Micah Holt's bluish-gray eyes and is mesmerized.   This first introduction was fun and Allie has no idea what is about to hit her!  Micah is completely enamored by her and just has to have her!  I loved the cat and mouse game that these two played with each other.  It was so delicious and fun!  It was enjoyable watching these two characters, who both had secrets they were keeping, being drawn to each other in ways that neither of them ever imagined.  Allie is a sweet, innocent person who just explodes with pure light while Micah has a darkness about him based on events from his past.  It was fun watching these two give each other things that neither of them even realized that they needed.  Overall, this was a wonderful story, with such fun and complex characters and I really cannot wait for the next book!