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Shameless - Gina L. Maxwell

OMG I loved this book!  It was laugh out loud funny while being hot and sexy at the same time!

Jane Wendall just wants to finish up her masters degree, get a real job and get out of the crappy apartment she is living in that always has a problem and a landlord who couldn't care less.  Jane's best friend Addison is a lawyer and decides to help her friend out by hiring a "handyman" to come take care of her bathroom sink.  The "handyman" is Chance Danvers, owner of Danvers & Son Construction who is also part owner of Playboys 4 Hire, a group of men who can be hired to dance for woman using a certain theme.  Jane doesn't realize that when Chance shows up, he is really there to dance for her.  This scene was hysterical.  What Chance finds in Jane's bathroom is even funnier and I love how it helped them hook up.

I just loved the story these two went through.  They each thought they could use the other for awhile to get through their lust they felt for each other, since neither of them wanted a relationship.  I just adored how this slowly changed.  Overall I really enjoyed this story and cannot wait to read the rest of the books in this series!