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Dirty Sexy Cuffed (Dirty Sexy Series Book 3) - Carly Phillips, Erika Wilde

I think Levi Kincaid is the dirtiest talking Kincaid brother! Let's just say....WOW! Levi is a cop and likes order and control in ALL aspects of his life. When he meets Sarah Robin, a woman working at a local convenience store in a bad part of town, he is intrigued. Every day he ends his shift with his partner Nick Catalano by stopping at the Circle K to see Sarah, and try to get her to go out on a date with him. Usually Levi is a one-date-and-done type but something about Sarah is different. One night while at her work, Sarah is held up by gun point and Levi rescues her, even taking a bullet for his efforts. This guilts Sarah into accepting a date with Levi. What Levi doesn't know is that Sarah is down on her luck and running from an ex-boyfriend and isn't planning on staying in the area very long. After their date, Levi isn't ready to call it quits....something that has never happened to him before. After spending more and more time together, Levi starts to realize there are many things that Sarah is keeping from him, just as Sarah knows that Levi is keeping secrets also. As these two slowly learn to give up some control in their lives and they let each other in, they come to realize that they are both very much alike.

I just adored their story. Levi was certain that he would never find someone special he would want to spend his life with, let alone more than one date! He quickly realized that Sarah was his soulmate in ALL aspects of his life. These two people are both perfectly flawed by things from their past and have sexual chemistry that was just sizzling. The happy ending was perfect too, even with a surprise added in! ;)