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Last Kiss: A Novel (A First and Last Novel) - Laurelin Paige

This book picks up right where First Kiss ended.  Emily is finally happy and has decided she wants to have a life with Reeve, even if she doesn't fully trust him.  But that happiness doesn't last long as Amber's back and she's alive....barely.  Joe, Emily's PI, found her and brought her to Reeve's where Amber was asking go.  Now Emily is conflicted between her feeling for Reeve and her feeling for Amber.  When it appears that Michelis Vilanakis, Reeve's uncle may the cause of all the problems, Reeve goes into protective mode to secure Emily and Amber, whisking them away to his private island in the Pacific!

It was heartbreaking watching Emily fight her feelings for Reeve, knowing that Amber was back and that she'd promised her friend years ago that she would never get in between her and a man.  It was also interesting understanding Amber's side of their past histories and getting a better feel for the whole picture.  It was a very difficult path for Emily to navigate to get to her happy ending but it was well worth it.  I loved how Emily finally came to the realization of certain things in her life.  This story ran me through the emotions...happiness, sadness, anger and swooning.  Great ending to such an emotional tale.  Great job!