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Barefoot at Sunset - Roxanne St. Claire

Ever read a book that just reaches you on an emotional level and doesn't let go? I should have known just when I read Roxanne St. Claire's dedication for the book that this would be that type of story.

Mark Solomon, 48 years old is back home in Barefoot Bay after being away for 16 years. 16 years ago, Mark lost his wife, Julia to cancer. Julia was his high school sweetheart and the love of his life. After her death, Mark sold their company for a nice profit and found different ways to spend his time....mostly doing death defying extreme sports. It's time for the Mimosa High high school reunion and Lacey Walker has convinced Mark to be on the reunion committee. As Mark is walking back to his Casa Blanca bungalow, he stumbles upon a woman, sobbing in front of his place. Being the compassionate guy he is, he invites her in and learns that Emma DeWitt was suppose to be there, in that bungalow, on her honeymoon, but her ex, Kyle, broke it off with her. Kyle was also her boss....so now Emma had no relationship and no job. Emma is a copy writer and designed all of the brochures that Casa Blanca uses and had always dreamed of visiting the place.

Mark decides to offer Emma a deal. She can stay with him for the next week, in the bungalow, if she will pretend to be his fiance. He is so tired of everyone asking him about Julia, or woman hitting on him that he thinks this will be a great solution. Emma is hesitant but ends up agreeing. I loved how these two made a pact to always be honest with each other. It really helped solidify their relationship. I just loved the way these two started having feeling for each other. They both were hesitant for different reasons but in the end they were just meant to be. I liked how Julia would talk to him in different ways.....that was fun. I really enjoyed how Mark and Emma just complimented each other....it really was a case of twice in a lifetime for Mark.

Overall this was a wonderful story with wonderful characters that will make you laugh, swoon and cry (or sob in my case). It really touched my heartstrings, and I highly recommend this.