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Lovegame - Tracy Wolff

Ian Sharpe use to be an FBI profiler who worked with serial killers because of certain circumstances that happened in his past.  Now, Ian is a Pulitzer prize-winning, New York Times best selling writer, who writes stories that revolve around real-life serial killers.  He is currently working on a story that has led him to actress Veronica Romero, the most sought after vixen in all of Hollywood.  Veronica just happened to get the lead part in his last book, Belladonna, and he just happened to get selected to interview her for a piece in Vanity Fair....a perfect excuse to try and get the answers from her that he needs.  After meeting Veronica, Ian is smitten.  It is obvious that Veronica is hiding things and Ian is determined to find out the answers.  Of course there is instant, off-the-charts chemistry between the two, but she tends to just do one-night stands.  When Ian provides Veronica with something she has never had happen before, one time turns into many!  As Veronica starts to open up to Ian, he starts to realize that he is having real feeling for her, and also doubts about pursuing his book.  On top of that, Veronica has to deal with a mother who acts more like a child, in a world where they want to keep the past a secret.

I just adored Ian.  He is very good at his job and at reading people and he was able to help Veronica with what she really needed in life.  I love how he fought so hard for her.  You couldn't help but root for Veronica to finally get her happy ending and boy did she.  

This story is very different from anything that Tracy Wolff has written before.  It kept me intrigued with such a great story and great characters.  I loved the suspenseful side of the story as well as the romance.  Overall a great new story!