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Discovering You (Whiskey Creek) - Brenda Novak

I really enjoyed this book. I just loved the character of India Sommer. This is a woman, who's husband was gunned down while in their bed, by her ex-boyfriend, hell bent on keeping India for himself. She was left trying to pick up the pieces and keeping a life for her and her daughter, Cassia, safe since the jury that tried her ex ended up hung. India decides to move away from San Francisco, where the murder happened and moves to Whiskey Creek, in a house next door to the Amos brothers. With her daughter staying at her in-laws while she sets up their new house, she sees this man walking down the middle of the road all bloodied and scraped up. Soon she realizes it is her neighbor, Rod Amos. This tall, dark and tattooed man just screams trouble and reminds her too much of her ex but she ends up stopping to help him. I just loved this meeting. It was a great way to start off their story. I loved how Rod looked bad, but deep down he was good. I loved how he made her feel so safe.

As the days go by, Rod quickly learns of what happened to India and wants to help her. I really enjoyed the mystery behind this part of the story. It kept me wanting to read to find out what would happen next. I really enjoyed the explosive ending.

The secondary story between Mack and Natasha was a slight look into their feelings for each other. Even though Natasha isn't related to Mack, he is still hesitant to pursue anything with her because their parents are married. Nat of course is trying her hardest to pursue something with Mack. Hopefully more of these characters will be explored in their own story.

Overall I really enjoyed this story, love those Amos brothers and really liked India. I can't wait for the next book!