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Glass Ceilings - A.M. Madden
Nick Farley, an FBI agent is working undercover at the bar The Dump in Chicago, IL as Nick Smith.  After 6 months of being there, he is one week away from being done when he meets Angela Cavello, the hot brunette that caught his attention.  Angela has a bucket list, according to her cousin, Eve, and having a one-night stand is on it and wonders if Nick would be willing!  What neither Nick nor Angela expected was for their time together to be explosive.  Nick confesses to Angela who he really is and wants her to follow him to New York City.  After some interesting developments, Angela tells Nick that she wants to break up and won't be coming to NYC.  What Nick doesn't know is that Angela is hiding a big problem and doesn't want Nick to get hurt.  Fast forward almost 2 years later and Nick and Angela are brought back together in a big way.

I just adored these characters.  They were fun, sexy and seemed perfect for each other.  The path these two had to go through to get back together was crazy.  I was captivated by this story and could not put this down.  The explosive ending was great....did not see that one coming.  Their happy ending was perfect too!  Overall a great story and I would highly recommend it!