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Mister O - Lauren Blakely

There is nothing I love more than a sexy nerd and Nick Hammer is THE sexy nerd. Tall, sexy, smart and a master at giving women pleasure. In his younger high school days, Nick spent all his time drawing cartoons so it is no surprise that he now makes a living drawing the cartoon The Adventures of Mister Orgasm, which has also spun into a TV show. Instead of ever having a serious relationship, Nick just enjoys one-night stands. The only women who has ever made him wonder about a real relationship is Harper Holiday, his best friend, Spencer's little sister. Everyone knows that a best friend's little sister is a big, fat NO, but what is a guy to do when Harper asks Nick for help in the relationship department. Harper with her red hair and blue eyes just draws Nick in. He also loves that this quirky lovable girl is a magician.

Spencer and Charlotte get married and leave for their honeymoon leaving Nick and Harper able to work on her relationship issues. This story told in Nick's point of view was great. I just love the humor of a sexy guy. These two characters have such great chemistry together. The are both funny, sexy and quirky. I really enjoyed the path these two had to take to get to their happy ending. If you are looking for a fun, sexy story, I highly recommend this one!