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Bound to You - Shawntelle Madison

Sophie Ashton works as a concierge in Boston for the rich and famous and it's a long way from the foster care life that she grew up in.  It's been two years since her ex-boyfriend, Sato, broke her heart and she has vowed to never start something up with another client.  Well in walks Xavier Quinn....a billionaire who owns his own company and wants Sophie to devote the next month to only working for him while he is in Boston.  A very large check convinces Sophie to do this.  As Xavier and Sophie spend more time together, it is very obvious that they both have strong ties to each other.  Sophie is hesitant to start anything after what happened with Sato, but she eventually gives in.

I loved the push and pull these two went through.  Xavier is used to getting everything he wants and he decided he wanted Sophie.  I really enjoyed both of these characters and their back stories.  It was enjoyable learning about the Japanese culture and how they are so different with the way they do things.  I really enjoyed Sophie's friends.  They seemed like a really colorful bunch.  I liked the part with Xavier's family but I wish there would have been more about them in the story.  It seemed like there was a lot of missing back story.

Overall this was an enjoyable story with very likeable characters and I really loved their happy ending!