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Dare to Take (Dare to Love Book 6) - Carly Phillips

Tyler Dare finally gets his story. A few years ago, while home on leave from the Army, Tyler has a one-night stand with the girl he has always longed for but couldn't have....his best friend's little sister, Ella Shaw, who also happens to be his sister Avery's best friend too. Ella was drunk and found her way into his bed and he couldn't say no. Freaked out, Tyler suddenly left the next morning with no explanation and unknowingly left Ella hurt.

Nine years later, Ella is in the Caribbean for work and gets mugged, putting her in the hospital. All her documentation was stolen so she has no way to fly home and a hurricane is heading toward the island. Avery begs Tyler to fly down there in Ian's private jet and bring her home. Ella is completely surprised when Tyler walks into her hospital room but sparks still fly anyways. I loved how Tyler, who is used to running away from his problems, threw himself right in the path of Ella. I really enjoyed how these two had issues with each other but just couldn't stay apart. I really loved how Tyler took care of Ella on the island, and how their attraction just kept getting stronger.

Once they get back to the states, and Ella's apartment is broken into, Tyler goes all alpha and insists she stays with him. I really enjoyed their time together while Tyler and his company was trying to find out who was harming Ella. Tyler and Ella both discussed issues from their past and concerns for their futures. Great character development. These two were just destined to be together and they took the long way to get there. It was great seeing each of them overcome issues from their pasts.

I really enjoyed their happy ending. As usual, it made me laugh, cry and swoon but it was worth it. I'm sad this is the last Dare story, but it was a great ending to a great series.