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Starfish Moon (The Brides Of Blueberry Cove) - Donna Kauffman

This is the third and last book of The Brides of Blueberry Cove series by Donna Kauffman, and the youngest sister, Kerry McCrae's story.  

Kerry has been the free spirit sibling.  After having lost her parents at a really young age, Kerry has just been floating through life, never staying in one place too long because she didn't want to make any connections that she could possible lose.  Kerry spent the past year in Australia at the Cameroo Downs Station....a ranch that raises cattle....and the longest time she had spent anywhere except for back home in Blueberry Cove, Maine.  While down under, Kerry started lusted after Cooper Jax, son of the owner of the station.  Seeing as though Cooper was never going to make any moves, and getting news of her siblings upcoming weddings, Kerry headed back to Maine.  

Now a year later, Kerry's life seems at a stand still.  She is helping run Uncle Gus' Rusty Puffin since he had a stroke but she still longs for Cooper Jax and his Australian family.  Imagine Kerry's surprise when Cooper walks right into the Rusty Puffin while she is working on a Friday night!  It's an even bigger surprise when he tells her that he should have asked her to be his wife before she left!  After Kerry's initial shock the two of them talk privately.  Kerry is still uncertain about many things in her life, but Cooper is very certain of what he wants.  Then Cooper drops a bomb telling Kerry that he plans on staying in Blueberry Cove for 30 days to try and help her make up her mind.

Oh, my....let me just say that Cooper is delicious!  He is sweet, sexy, considerate and has an accent that will bring woman to their knees.  I just adored the things he did throughout this story to make Kerry fall for him even more.  He was utterly perfect!

I loved how Kerry worked through her issues, involving all of her family and friends.  I loved how everyone was rooting for her to end up with Cooper, and I really enjoyed their happy ending.  It made me laugh, cry and swoon.

I'm sad to see this series end.  It has been a really enjoyable ride.