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Wicked Need (The Wicked Horse Series Book 3) - Sawyer Bennett
I think every woman needs a man like Rand Bishop in their lives.  Rand works part-time at The Silo helping to deliver fantasies.  He is a retired professional skier and leads a very laid back life.  Catherine "Cat" Vaughn has been a member for a while and would normally come in with her much older, very rich husband while he just watched her play.  Now that Cat's husband is dead, Rand finds out that she has been left with nothing, and no place to live.  Since Rand has always felt a connection to Cat, he decides to help her out and offers up his place for her to crash until she can get on her feet again.  As Rand and Cat spend more time together they realize that many things that they thought were true about each other, were in reality, not true.   Cat had a very bad childhood and has always thought very poorly of herself.  Rand realizes what a great person she truly is and things quickly develop between the two of them.  What chemistry these two have...HOT!  Like off the charts hot!  I loved how this laid back guy quickly turns into a one-woman man!  I enjoyed how all of our favorites were back helping Cat with problems from her past.  And then there's Bridger!  Every book in this series makes you fall in love with him even more.

Overall this book was a great story, with great characters.  Great addition to this series!