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Dirtiest Secret (Stark International) - J. Kenner

This book was mind-blowing.  J. Kenner takes you on ride through a dark, sexy and forbidden story.  Dallas Sykes is known as the King of F*ck.  He goes through women like most people drink water.  He is rich and powerful.  Most people don't know of his horrible past, when he was kidnapped as a teenager, except his family and closest friends.  Dallas was kidnapped along with his "sister", Jane.  While Dallas and Jane are not blood siblings, it just seems wrong.  What Dallas and Jane went through while being held captive, no one will really understand except for them.  It created a certain bond between these two that can never happen again.  Well, never say never.  Dallas and Jane stay away from each other, trying to get over their past in different ways but they both still long for the other.  As Jane is writing her next book about children who have been kidnapped, her ex-husband tells her that they have a lead on her kidnapping from 17 years ago.  Jane decides to go to Dallas to give him the news and this sets off their attraction to one another like it was still 17 years ago.

The roller coaster these two are going on is just crazy.  To be so attracted to some one whom you know is wrong to be with, but can't is just heartbreaking.  As Dallas and Jane decide to try and handle their issues, we are taken along on this mind-blowing ride.  Without giving away any spoilers, this story was awesome.  I loved the mystery around everything that is happening.  I really am enjoying Dallas and Jane.  These two have chemistry off the charts.  I had a feeling of some of the characters who may be involved in the kidnapping, but it was still a great cliff-hanger to read.  I wish July would get here so I can read the next book!