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GRIT: A Spartan Riders Novel - J.C. Valentine, M. Carroll

Oh, my....Blake Mahone is utterly and completely delicious!  A tall, dark, and sexy biker, who deep down is really just a teddy bear, especially when it comes to his 6 year old son, Ash.  Blake is the President of the Spartan Riders, a group of biker's who have been on the legal side of the law for 10 years now.  They watch over their area, protecting the town from the other MC groups that are bad news.  Recently split from his ex-girlfriend who has turned into a druggie, Blake has sworn off women and is concentrating on the Spartan's and his son.

Ash's first day of kindergarten, Blake drops him off late and then is late picking him up.  This doesn't sit well with his teacher, Gabby Morgan.  As Gabby and Ash are waiting for Blake to pick up his son, she first hears, then sees this motorcycle pulling up to the school and the excitement starts.  Gabby has always been attracted to the "bad boy" even though she is a "nice girl".  As soon as Blake removes his helmet, Gabby is a goner.  The amusing part is that Blake is attracted to her.  I loved their bickering back and forth.  The dialogue these two had was awesome!

I really enjoyed how these two people, who wouldn't seem right on paper fit together so well.  As the two of them continue to get closer because they can't help themselves but be together, they both learn of secrets from each other's past.  I really loved how these two always put other people first in their lives, especially when it came to Ash.  This little boy is wonderful....sweet, caring and very smart.  I enjoyed reading how the Spartan's really are a family, and how they would do anything for each other.   I liked the whole story line with Ricky Cruiz and his Motorcycle Club....it added another dimension to the book.  I can't wait to see where this group is headed and who's story is next.  And Blake and Gabby's happy ending was great!