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Resist - Missy Johnson

Jaxon Murphy had a rough childhood.  His parents and sister were murdered and this altered the way he chose to live his life.  He doesn't want a relationship with anyone because he knows they'd just end up leaving him.  Now he is part owner and CEO of Hamden & Murphy Enterprises.  He was suspected of killing his ex-girlfriend, but they found no proof.  Jaxon hires women to live at his mansion to be available for what ever sexual desires he has.  He places an ad for a new live-in woman, and Charlotte Lucas answers.

Charlotte Lucas is a recent college graduate, with a degree in journalism and business but she cannot find a job.  Charlotte's friends convince her to apply for Jaxon's job and maybe she can get the real story behind his parent's murder and his ex-girlfriend's murder.  This could be the biggest story of the year and could very well land her a job!

Jaxon hires Charlotte and he wants her to help him catch whom he thinks is the person involved in his parents murder.  The mystery behind this story was really interesting and fun.  What these two didn't realize would happen is that they would fall for each other....hard.  The sexual attraction between these two was great.  I loved how Charlotte knew that underneath Jaxon hard exterior there was a great man.  I really enjoyed the twisted surprise at the end and they way they were able to get the answers they were looking for.

Overall this was an enjoyable read.