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Playing with Seduction (The Players Club) (Volume 3) - Erika Wilde

Kendall Shaw owns Pure Bliss, a boudoir photography studio.  An author wants Kendall to shoot some book covers for her using Jase Burns as the cover model.  Since Kendall first met Jase, he has been relentlessly pursuing her.  The problem....Jase is 8 years younger than her and after her painful divorce, Kendall is looking for a man who is ready to settle down and start a family, not a gorgeous 27 year old just starting out.

Kendall and Jase share a scorching kiss that Kendall feels all the way down to her toes, but she still tells Jase she will not go out with him.  Unbeknownst to her, Jase leaves an invitation in Kendall's office to the The Player's Club for the annual silent charity auction where she is invited to be auctioned off as a plaything to one lucky bidder.  Kendall's friends convince her to go.  

At the auction, Kendall mingles with some of the bidders.  When they announce the winners, Kendall is taken to a different area to meet her winning bidder.  Imagine her surprise when she sees Jase!  She's ready to bolt, but he convinces her to stay and at least get what she came looking for!  To Kendall's surprise she really clicked sexually with Jase.  These two together were hot!  The problem was that they were in different places in their lives.  Jase finally convinces Kendall to at least be together long enough to get their attraction for each other out of their systems.  Kendall starts to realize there is a lot more to Jase than she first thought.  

Loved the time at Dean and Raina's house!  Loved how Jase went all caveman!  ;)  The confrontation with Adam made Kendall realize that she is wasting precious time in finding someone who will really commit to her, so she breaks things off with Jase.  They are both heartbroken.

I loved the big reveal at towards the end and how these two found their way back to each other.  Their happy ending was great!