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P*rn Star - Laurelin Paige, Sierra Simone

Wasn't sure what to expect with this book but I ended up really enjoying it.  This book is about Logan O'Toole who is a world famous porn star.  After just having his heart broken when Raven, his girlfriend of 3 years leaves him, he is at a crossroad in his life.  He thought he loved Raven, but he also found himself yearning for Devi Dare, another porn star that he worked with only once.  Logan decides he needs to get out of the funk he is in and decides to go to an industry party.  Who does he run into there????  Raven whom he hasn't seen in 3 months and she is putting on quite the "show" for him.  Deciding he's had enough he heads outside and runs into Devi.  I loved this meeting.  It sure wasn't what I would have expected to happen!

I really enjoyed the journey these two went on when they came together.  The sexual chemistry was off the charts, but the emotional chemistry was just as great.  It's like these two lost souls were just destined to be together.  

I really enjoyed Devi's quirky parents.  It added a little something to the story line.  I really loved the way the book ended and the path Logan and Devi took to their happy ending.

Overall, great characters with a fun story and lots of hot sex!