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Sweet Sinful Nights (Volume 1) - Lauren Blakely

This is a spinoff series from the Seductive Nights series.  This story is about Brent Nichols, Clay's brother....yes, that Clay! ;)  Brent was engaged to Shannon Paige-Prince 10 years ago....and after a bone-headed move, they split.  Now, fate has brought Brent and Shannon back together.  Brent is a successful comedian and has opened up comedy clubs all over the world.  Shannon is now a successful choreographer who owns her own company that employs dancers all over the world.  Shannon is working out a deal to get her dancers working at his clubs and Brent doesn't even know it is her because her company name is Shay Productions, and his right-hand man, James is the one meeting with her.  Imagine both of their surprises when they meet at the initial meeting!  It's very obvious these two still have very strong emotional feelings for each other.

I just loved how Brent had to win her heart all over again.  The chemistry between these two was wonderful.  The path these two had to take to get to their happy ending was worth it.  The added suspenseful story line of Shannon's past history is a great addition.  I can't wait to see where this story is going to go.  

Overall, another great book from Lauren Blakely!