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Hawke: A Cold Fury Hockey Novel (Carolina Cold Fury Hockey) - Sawyer Bennett

This is the 5th book in Sawyer Bennett's Cold Fury Hockey series, and is defenseman Hawke Therrien's story about second chances at love. Seven years ago, Hawke's life was perfect. He was drafted into the NHL by the Pittsburgh Titans, and he was madly in love with his girlfriend, Vale Campbell. The night before he left for the NHL, Hawke, Vale and his friends had a big party. Vale was upset and left unbeknownst to Hawke. The next morning Hawke was frantically trying to find Vale since he had to leave to catch his plane. Once he finally does find her, she breaks things off with him breaking his heart. Hawke doesn't understands why and keeps trying to reach out to her and finally gives up after she refuses to talk to him. Hawke instead decides to concentrate on his hockey career and lives the life of a playboy.

Hawke has been traded to the Cold Fury. The first day of the season he shows up and who is now working there? Vale! It is obvious that there are still feelings between these two but they both are carrying leftover baggage from seven years ago. As they start working and spending more time together, they finally start talking about seven years ago. Hawke finally understands why Vale did what she did, but there are still underlying trust issues between them.

The journey Hawke and Vale went on over the past seven years was tough. If this couple would have just talked to each other in the beginning, a lot of their issues would have been resolved quickly. It was a sweet story of second chances ending with a happy ending. The added sub-story of Vale's dad was interesting with a lot of facts that I never knew of.

Overall this was a fun, sexy read of another Cold Fury player, and I look forward to Max's story next.