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Never Say Love (Never Say Never Book 1) - Carly Phillips, Lauren Hawkeye

I'm usually a little worried when two authors write a book together....will their styles flow, will they both have the same passion, etc...

I have read everything that Carly Phillips' has released but I have never read anything by Lauren Hawkeye. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Only a few times during reading I would think "This is definitely Carly's writing." but for most of the story I couldn't tell and I was really glad about that.

This story is Nate Archer's. Nate grew up with a bad family life and a stepfather that always beat him, but somehow he became a very successful hotel tycoon. Since childhood, Nate was best friends with Chase, Lucas and Gavin. At 16 years old the guys took an oath to never get married and that was fine with Nate. He was the kid who's parents didn't want him hanging around because of his bad family life. Nate always had a crush on Chase's younger sister, Ellie, but he would never pursue anything with her because of who he was.

Nate was called a player even back in school and continued this type of life well into adulthood. Flash forward 15 years later and Chase is getting married. Nate is not looking forward to going back home to Ruby Lake for the wedding because he is sure he will see Ellie, and now that she is all grown up he is not sure he will be able to leave his hands off of her.

Ellie Marshall was always the good girl, who did whatever she was told. She went to college and became an Optometrist. Ellie was nervous coming back home for her brother's wedding because she knew she would see Nate, the guy she always had the biggest crush on. And now that her boyfriend just broke up with her through a text of all things, she was looking for a weekend she wouldn't forget. ;)

Through no fault of their own, Ellie and Nate end up having to share the same motel room. Well you can imagine how this is going to work out! You have two people who both have sizzling feelings for each other but they both know that they shouldn't be together. Too bad life has a way of changing things!

I loved the journey these two went on. It was fun, flirty and really sexy. These two characters both filled a need each other needed. Their sexual chemistry was just off the charts! WOW!!!!

I loved the happy ending, it was great! I even enjoyed Nate confronting his past. Very emotional and heartfelt. Overall this was a great read and I can't wait to see who the next book will be about!