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Barefoot With a Bad Boy - Roxanne St. Claire

Did you ever have a book that was so good you read it real slow because you didn't want it to end? That is what this book did to me!

I loved Gabriel Rossi to start with but this story, his story, really made me fall in love with him all over again.

Gabe is still trying to deal with the news of Isadora Winter and his son, Gabriel being dead. He is not sure anyone can fill her space and that he could ever fall in love again. While dealing with his loss, a stranger by the name of Lila Wickham shows up in Barefoot Bay. She smells like Isa, wearing Channel No. 5, but doesn't look a thing like her. Once they finally talk, Lila starts saying things that only Isa would have known. Gabe is convinced she is a spy and trying to hunt him down. What he doesn't accept is that she really is Isa.

I just loved they way these two slowly came together. With both of them being spies, they were both very cautious about everything. I really enjoyed it when Gabe finally believed Lila that she really was Isa. I loved how bad a$$ Gabe was when he started doing what needed to be done to protect Lila. The whole mystery side of their story was awesome. Great full circle type of story! It's kind of a scary thought what happened, but I'm sure it has before!

I loved Gabe's son, Rafe, aka Gabriel. What a great, spirited kid...especially at the big ending reveal...typical kid stuff!

Uncle Nino is so adorable I just want to hug him and hang out with him. The way he was with Rafe was perfect! I think adult Gabe is quickly going to be replaced as Uncle Nino's favorite! ;)

And Poppy....this woman is perfect! I love her wit, humor and sassiness. I really enjoy her and Gabe together. I think this woman needs her own story quick!

Overall, a perfect story for such a perfectly flawed guy!