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Fade Into You (Shaken Dirty) - Tracy Wolff

Wyatt Jennings is a member of the rock band Shaken Dirty. He is the bad boy drummer who has a drug problem. Their last tour was cut short because Wyatt needed to go to rehab, and now 3 months later he is determined to remain clean and have a fresh start.

Poppy Germaine has loved rock and roll her whole life and wants a real position at her father's record label, Six Strings. Unfortunately, he doesn't think a woman should be doing that type of job so he wants her brother, Caleb, to eventually take over. Caleb doesn't have any interest in taking over Six Strings and tries to do what he can to help his sister out. Caleb has been assigned to "babysit" Shaken Dirty's drummer who just got out of rehab to make sure he stays in line. He tricks his sister into taking the job instead, telling her she can be the band's social media consultant.

Poppy heads to Austin, TX where the band is auditioning for a new bass player. The way she met Wyatt is great! I loved the chemistry these two had from the very start! When Wyatt met her, he fell hard. Quickly changing one addiction for another! I enjoyed the way these two got to know each other. They just seemed liked they belonged together.

I loved the way the whole band was with each other. They were a family and it showed. The love and commitment they give each other is awesome. The big blow up between Poppy and her dad was sad. I can't believe a dad would do the type of things he did. At least Caleb was a great brother.

When Poppy told Wyatt who she really was my heart just broke for those two, but the happy ending that eventually came was worth it. Can't wait to hear more about these two! Wish they were a real band....they sound like they'd be great to see!