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Hard Beat - K. Bromberg

This story is about Tanner Thomas, Rylee's brother.  He is a Foreign war correspondent who loves to live life on the edge.  Tanner had been in Egypt when his photographer partner, Stella was killed.  He feels very guilty because he was not with her when it happened.  They tried the romance thing once, but really were just best friends.  After being sent back home to recover, Tanner is itching to get back to Egypt.

After his boss finally agrees to let him go, Tanner gets assigned to a new photographer, Beaux Croslyn.  Their first meeting was great!  I loved they way it played out for both of them!

Tanner is trying to deal with a new partner and his guilt over Stella's death and having a hard time of it.  Add in his attraction to Beaux and it makes for an interesting ride.

This story had a lot of emotions in it.  There were times I laughed, cried and swooned.  The final twist at the end was not expected and VERY emotional.  Overall these both were two strong willed characters, each fighting their own demons.  I loved their happy times together....they were great!