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Ryker: A Cold Fury Hockey Novel (Carolina Cold Fury Hockey) - Sawyer Bennett

Since this series started, Alex has always been my favorite. He just got bumped. Wow, I just LOVED Ryker. If you asked me to describe the perfect guy, it would be Ryker....tall, dark and one of the sweetest guys I've ever read about.

Ryker Evan's was traded to the Carolina Cold Fury last year after finding his wife, Hensley, was having an affair with one of his teammates, 19 year old Patric Sutter. Hensley wanted a divorce and for Ryker to take their two daughters so she could spend all of her time with him.

Now in Raleigh, North Carolina, Ryker is trying to take care of his two daughters, Ruby, almost five years old and Violet, who is seven. The relationship he has with these two girls is wonderful. Ryker was made to be a family man. He's also been playing the best hockey of his life and has the stats to prove it.

When the Cold Fury announce that there will be a new general manger, Gray Brannon, many of the guys on the team are not too happy. Ryker on the other hand is excited. It was Gray who helped get Ryker the great deal to come and play for the Cold Fury and he knows that not only will she do a fantastic job, it is also history in the making being that she is the first female general manager. Ryker also is very drawn to her but realizes that now that she is his boss, it's hands off.

I just loved the way these two were so drawn to each other like magnets. They knew a relationship was wrong but still couldn't help themselves. The way they communicated with each other was great and I liked how they really got to know each other. I loved how they were constantly putting the other first, always wanting what was best for them.

The drama that happened with Ruby was wonderful and handled just as it should have been. The big climax at the end with Gray was scary and great at the same time. Their happy every after was just perfect!

Also, the fact that Ryker was modeled after Henrik Lundqvist made this story even better! Swoon!