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Love Struck - Laurelin McGee
Lacy Dawson has had a rough year.  After losing her fiance to suicide, she is slowly trying to get control of her life back.  Conversing with FolxNotDead27 on a website SoWriAn is slowly helping.  Lacy is an up and coming indie musician and has writer block since losing Lance.  Lacy's co-worker, Kat convinces her to come out to listen to a new band getting a lot of attention, The Blue Hills.  Lacy is drawn to the guy, Eli, playing the banjo...he seems to stir something in her.

A few days later, Kat manages to get Lacy a spot as the opening act on The Blue Hill's tour.  Lacy is excited, but nervous.  

Lacy continues her "relationship" with Folx but is finding herself still drawn to Eli.  As things progress with Eli, Lacy feels conflicted about her feelings for Folx.  Her and Folx have a standing date to finally meet on Christmas Eve, the day of Lacy's sister', Andy's wedding.

I really enjoyed how this story played out.  It was fun to see Lacy torn between Eli and Folx.  Then when things started to happen with the lead singer, Jax, all hell was breaking loose.

Adding Andy's wedding to the story was great too.  The wedding planner was a hoot and provided a cute secondary story.

All in all this was an enjoyable story and I really liked all the twists and turns.  I loved how Lacy was finally able to overcome her writer's block and the happy ending was perfect!  Thanks for such a great read!