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Getting Rough: Monkey Business Trio - C. L. Parker
This is the second book in this series and picks up from where the previous one left off.

Shaw Matthews is on his way to Maine to find out why Cassidy Whalen left.  He is not sure why he is doing this....he thinks it's so he can tell her off.  

I loved seeing Stonington through his eyes.  He was so funny while he was driving.  Of course the only place in the tiny town that had a room available was Cassidy's mom's bed and breakfast.  I just adored the people in Stonington.  I love how Shaw quickly clung to the fairy tail of it all.

When Shaw finally confronts Cassidy as to why she left, he realizes even more about this woman that he cannot seem to get his mind off of.  I loved their chemistry.  It seemed like it even exploded more from the first book.  I really enjoyed when Shaw met Casey, Cassidy's first love, who is obviously still in love with her!  Talk about alpha vs. alpha!  Testosterone City!  While Shaw is egotistical, arrogant and cocky, Casey is sweet and kind. and this just makes Shaw extremely jealous.

I loved the interaction Shaw had with everyone, especially Abby.  He found something in her that he never had growing up.  I loved how Duff scared the crap out of Shaw....so true in real life!

The part where Duff takes Shaw out on his boat was great!  Wow....such a story line.  You are just recovering from that when the hurricane hits.  

You think that is going to be the worst part of the storm, but no....all the confrontations between Shaw, Cassidy, Casey and Mia were eye opening.

I loved the next day after the hurricane.  I can't even begin to imagine having to go through that but I loved how everyone was helping out.

Then the surprising phone call from Shaw's assistant, Ben was a great finish!  I hope to see more of these characters in the next book.