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Fire In The Hole (Gynazule) - Debra Anastasia
Well if you enjoy raunchy jokes about farting, pooping or body parts, you will enjoy this book. This story is a continuation of Fire Down Below.

Dove Glitch has finally hooked up with Johnson Fitzwell, the pharmacist and Duke is not too happy about it. Duke overhears them having sex and is appalled. Of course, Dove's happy moment doesn't last long with Beth, Johnson's ex lurking in the background.

This story is just too far out there to not be funny. I loved the time at the weddings....many laugh out loud moments. I really loved how Duke kept helping Dove out even though he knew she wants to be with Johnson. Of course all of the other characters from the first book were back. Shannon and Preston's story was pretty whacked! Loved the Big Peter scene! Flower was still as weird as ever...and Debra Anastasia and her husband rounded out the group of misfits!

I really enjoyed the way this story ended....great happy ending. If you are looking for a book that is just plain crazy and will make you laugh out loud, give this one a try!