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Playing Dirty: Monkey Business Trio - C. L. Parker

This book was fantastic.  I just FLOVED the hero, the heroine and the whole story!

Cassidy Whalen and Shaw Matthews have been at each others throats at work since Shaw started working at Striker Sports Entertainment.  Both of them being sports agents they are very competitive and are constantly trying to one up each other.  When one of the managing partners of the company decides to retire, the gauntlet is thrown down....between Cassidy and Shay, whomever gets Denver Rockford to agree to sign with the company and let them be his agent, will get the partnership.

And the war begins.....  These two were so entertaining trying to outwit the other.  There were many laugh out loud moments between these two and their banter was just awesome.  What these two didn't expect was to be attracted to each other because of the competition.  They hated each other but still lusted after each other....and the sexy times were HOT!

Shaw thinks she is and ice queen and has no emotions whatsoever.  Cassidy thinks he is a playboy that flaunts his wealth.  What neither of them realize is that they are both alike in so many ways.

I loved the way their relationship progressed and how they slowly started to realize things about each other that they had taken for granted.  I loved how each of their groups of friends, were also friends.

When Denver's finally ready to make his decision, things change in a heartbeat because of call Cassidy receives from back home.  She must now fly back to Stonington, Maine because of her mother.  This doesn't sit well with Shaw.  He doesn't know why she left, but he decides to hop a plane from San Diego and follow her.

I was surprised by the big reveal at the end and also can't wait to see what happens next.  I loved this story and just could not put it down!