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The Heat Is On (Bad Boys of Baseball) - Katie Rose
Katie Rose's Bad Boys of Baseball series is a fun, enjoyable series.  The New Jersey Sonics are back this time with a new catcher, Connor Jackson.  He was originally from the area but left to play baseball in Arizona.  Knowing he was going to be let go, Connor decided to be transferred to New Jersey.  He figured it was his last year playing before he would retire and what better of a place than his home town.  Plus as an added benefit, his old college girlfriend, Tracy Coleman Carter, whom he was still in love with, had recently gotten divorced.  Figuring he might be able to rekindle the attraction, he figured a move to New Jersey was worth the try.

I loved Connor.  He was a smart, sweet and determined guy.  He is the type of guy every girl wants to marry, and his hope was that it would be Tracy.

Tracy has been divorced for less than a year and has 4 children, six years old and under!  She is trying to make life work for her and the kids but her ex is making it difficult.

When Tracy sees Connor for the first time, all of her feelings for him come flying back.  She is just not sure he could deal with someone with 4 kids.

I loved the way these character got to know each other again.  I really enjoyed the interaction with the kids....very real!

Overall I really enjoyed this story and the characters.  If you enjoy stories about baseball, hot men and sweet romance then try this book out.  It was a fun, quick read.