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Life's A Beach - Jamie K. Schmidt

I really loved this book.  I could not put it down because it was that fun!

Amelia Parker had planned to take her wealthy, trust fund boyfriend of 2 years on a two week vacation to Hawaii as a surprise.  Things haven't been great between them but Amelia thought the time away together would help.  Amelia shows up at work and her boss tells her that she cannot go on her vacation because the other hotel concierge just quit.  Amelia cannot believe her boss is serious.  He basically tells her if she goes to Hawaii, she is out of a job!  Amelia doesn't care...she wants Hawaii.  Amelia goes back to her apartment and finds her boyfriend in bed with someone she thought was a friend!  Amelia decides to go to Hawaii with her crazy Aunt Zarafina instead.

Amelia calls the hotel to confirm everything and ends up talking to a guy named, Dude.  Dude sounds like a laid back, fun type of guy.  They get to flirting back and forth and Dude invites her for drink when she arrives in Hawaii.

Dude, is actually Samuel Kincaid, one of the owners of the hotel.  He is burned out from his Manhattan stock broker job and dealing with issues of his friend's health so he is "hiding" out in Hawaii.  Samuel and his brother Marcus are trying to sell the hotel because they do not want to put the money into fixing it up.

Once Amelia arrives, the fun begins!  Amelia wants a two week fling before she has to go back to cold, wintry Manhattan and she thinks Dude is just the person.

I loved these two together!  They were fun and so, so sexy!  WOW!  I really loved how their feelings for each other quickly turned into something more than just a fling but neither of them wanted to tell the other.  It made it all the more fun knowing that Dude was Samuel.  Amelia did not like Samuel from the one time she talked to him on the phone.  She does not like wealthy, entitled men.  She is so done with them.

It was great when Amelia stepped up and started doing the concierge job.  She was a natural!  I loved the way this story played out.  All of the characters in the story were so fun and colorful.  I really loved their happy ending....perfect.

This was a great, fun and sexy read!  Loved it!