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The Best of Me: A Return to Briarwood Novel - Elisabeth Barrett
This is the second book in the Return to Briarwood series.  This story was about Jane Pringle, a single mom trying to make ends meet and keep custody of her son.  Jane works at Briarwood as a pastry chef.  Jane tries to live a simple life, staying away from any drama so her ex-husband doesn't have any ammunition to take Andy away from her.  Her abusive ex has money and tries to make Jane's life miserable.  

One night after work, Jane wanted to take a peek at The Great Gatsby party going on to admire her work.  Of course she was drawn to Preston North, one of the club owners and the sexiest man she has ever seen.  Just as she looked at him, he turned and looked directly at her causing Jane to leave in a hurry.  

The way they met in the parking after this was awesome!  You can't come up with something much funnier!  :)  After this "introduction", Preston was smitten and starts to pursue Jane.  Jane thought Preston was a rich jerk, just like her ex and wanted nothing to do with him.  In reality, Preston was a really great guy.  

I just adored the way he slowly worked himself into Jane's life.  It was sweet and perfect.  I also really enjoyed learning about his past and realizing that what you see on the outside isn't always what's in the inside. 

It was great seeing Jane opening up and learning that it is okay to rely on other people.  I just adored Andy.  He was a really great kid.  I loved the way he interacted with everyone he was around.

I really loved the happy ending.  Jane and Preston were perfect for each other.  Overall I really liked this book.