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Wicked Lust (The Wicked Horse Series) (Volume 2) - Sawyer Bennett
I just adore this series from Sawyer Bennett! This story is about Cain Bonham and Sloane Preston. Cain is the head of security at the The Wicked Horse and The Silo. He is totally an alpha male that has no desire to settle down. He enjoys doing whatever and whomever he wants! His typical hookup is one and done but he can't stop noticing the blonde woman who keeps showing up at The Wicked Horse. She intrigues him in a way that other women never have. Enter Sloane, the blonde woman trying for Cain's attention. What Cain doesn't know is that Sloane is there trying to find a lead for a story for the political newspaper she works about Governor Hayes and his daughter Callie. Cain and Sloane finally hook up but neither of them expected the connection to be so strong. It's like they found their soul mates.

I really enjoyed how they each brought out the best in each other,. I knew when their feelings started getting stronger and real that things were going to explode when he found out the real reason she was in town. I just didn't expect Bridger would have such a big part in it and that I would end up loving his character even more!

I really enjoyed all the sexy scenes! I loved what Cain set up for Sloane! OMG!

Overall this book was a great addition to a fun series and I can't wait to read the next book. Although I'm a little disappointed that the next book is not Bridger's, Rand story seems like it will be interesting.