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First Touch - Laurelin Paige
Wow!  Where to begin with the story....I could NOT put this book down.  This story was THAT good.

Emily Wayborn has led a very interesting life.  In her early years, her and her best friend Amber used to find wealthy men to "take care" of them in exchange for sex.  After a few a huge confrontation with the latest guy, Emily wanted out.  What made it even worse was that Amber sided with the guy.

Six years later Emily receives a cryptic message from Amber and decides she needs to find her.  She hires a PI who starts piecing things together and it looks like everything points to one man, Reeve Sallis, a very powerful and rich man. 

Emily comes up with a plan to "meet" Reeve.  What she didn't expect was to be so drawn to him.  As Emily continues with her plan to find out what happened to Amber, she continues to be drawn to Reeve. 

I loved how parts from Emily's past were slowly revealed.  I really enjoyed how Emily and Reeve just seemed to get each other.  I loved how these two characters kept pushing and pulling with each other.  They forced each other to realize certain things about themselves that they might not have wanted to realize. 

As for the ending....BAM!  What a cliffhanger!  First you get a pretty big reveal and then BOOM...an even bigger one.  I need the next book NOW!

Overall this was a fantastic book with wonderfully complex characters and an even better story line.  I highly recommend this book!